Most items required for packing, moving and storing belongings can be purchased at Master Storage.

  • Use high quality boxes designed especially for moving and storage. You can purchase packing supplies such as tape, dust covers, mattress covers, bungee cords, rope, special grip gloves, and stainless steel padlocks in our store.
  • Pack books and heavy objects in smaller boxes for easier lifting.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to store clothes. Hanging your clothes in wardrobe boxes will keep them in good condition.
  • Use the same size boxes for easy stacking.
  • Fill boxes completely to prevent collapsing when stacked. Stuff open spaces with newsprint.
  • Seal boxes completely with packing tape to keep out dust. Make packing easier by using a tape dispenser found in our store.
  • Cover your belongings with our dust covers to add extra protection.
  • Wrap all mattresses in our special mattress bags.
  • Use special grip gloves when carrying furniture or heavy boxes to avoid dropping your belongings.